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Saunas & Steam Room Refurbishments

Sauna refurbishments are proving more and more popular, as budgets are tightened. After all, why buy a new product if the old one can be made to look like new for half the price?

During our 20 year history, we have carried out over 500 refurbishments from small home saunas, to those in large Leisure Centres.

Depending upon the location of your sauna (poolside saunas tend to have more wear), we would suggest that you look into refurbishing the benches between 3 and 5 years after installation. This includes the bench supports, which can be damaged by chlorinated water as the years pass. Between 6 and 10 years after installation, we would advise considering a full refurbishment of the sauna cabin.

If your sauna is under 10 years old it can almost certainly be refurbished to a seemingly new condition for around 60% of the cost of a new sauna. Refurbishments can virtually remove the visible signs of ageing, and give the users the impression that you have replaced the cabin. Even if you have exposed areas, charred boards, water damage or boards that have pulled apart slightly, your sauna can be refurbished. As long as the sauna structure is in good condition, there are very few reasons a sauna cannot be refurbished.

A typical refurbishment overboards the walls and ceiling in our standard tongue and groove boards, using the existing bench layout (or an alternative if we can see more potential). We would always advise that you replace the bench system at the same time as re-lining, as existing benching would have to be cut down to fit the new cabin, perhaps causing issues with the bench system’s integrity.

On the majority of refurbishments we would re-use the electrical items, and door, however these can also be replaced if required. We can also redesign your sauna to change from a free-standing stove to behind bench heater or add new lighting.

We can price from a site visit, or a simple layout sketch, and will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible design for your sauna.

Some Examples of Our Refurbishments:

Request A Quotation

Simply email us a sketch of your sauna, in order for us to provide a quotation. Either that, or contact us and we shall arrange a no obligation site visit.

A full survey would be carried out before the commencement of any work.

Please see below for the information we need, if you are providing a sketch:

  • All of the wall dimensions and the position of the door. These can be to the closest 100mm as we can take site dimensions later.
  • The width of the door opening.
  • The height of the sauna, from floor to ceiling AND The height of any black plinth that runs around the base of the sauna.
  • The type of wood you are interested in (pine, hemlock, cedar, obeche).
  • A layout of where the benches and stove are.
  • The distance from the wall to the front of any dwarf wall (this will affect certain layout options).
  • If there are any windows or anything we should know about!!
  • If you would like to change anything during the refurbishment (lights, controller, stove, door etc).

Some photos of the sauna would also be helpful.

Don’t worry, we will always attend site for an accurate measure up before manufacture, to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible!

Send your sketch to [email protected] or use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Don’t forget to let us know of your postal address and we will get back to you with an estimated price. Below are some examples of what would be useful: