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Later in the month, we fitted a pine sauna for a brand new install at Wycombe Rye Lido.

Site required a layout that would fit the most bums on seats. By installing an underbench heater, we were able to ensure the maximum seating for the client.

This took us a day and a half from start to finish. We have discovered numerous time saving methods that ensure site closure is kept to a minimum.

Whilst one man stayed on at Wycombe to install the sauna, another joiner returned to Yorkshire to collect the sauna for Fitness First Old Street.

The lads had a lovely evening in London before the install, seeing the very poignant poppy installation at the Tower of London, and easing their bones from an already busy week.

We were on site the next morning at 6:15am, and had the old sauna ripped out by 10am. By 9pm the new sauna was fitted and working, though we did have to return the following day for an hour to handover to the correct personnel.

We love the stunning diffused red light, and the accent light on the back wall. The self close hinges are a great addition, meaning that the door will always close and ensure less energy wastage.

Though we did have a very slight advantage that we manufactured most of the Fitness First saunas in the first place, we are very pleased with the minimal down time and site were happy with this too!!

The sauna is, as I type, being ground up into briquettes. All the scrap metal is collected together, and any other waste is taken by our waste disposal company, who have a 0% to land fill policy.


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