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Well, March Madness is a real thing! Busy with suppliers and our concepts, as well as getting a few saunas built for customers.

Our two favourites in March, were both cedar saunas, which we delivered two weeks apart.

The benches on the second were ingenious, with a sliding lower bench making the small space more user friendly. (The post is just holding the roof up until the front goes in!)


apr15 1            apr15 2


We have also been having a full test of some more exotic woods in our test sauna. We’ve identified what we can and cannot use for bench woods, some of them get unbearably hot!


apr15 3


And don’t forget to get in touch if you need any spares, we are turning around benches within 48 hours, plus delivery time, at the moment, so your sauna can be up and running sooner than you may have thought!