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The Crown Hotel in Scarborough was originally manufactured by Reefgrove over 10 years ago, and has only just come to need a refurbishment – shows how good quality products and regular correct maintenance can save money in the long run.

The refurbishment of two saunas, and replacement of two doors and windows was completed in just a week, including other electrical works to change out the lighting and repair some existing lights.

Our installation engineers enjoyed their trip to the seaside, and their stay in such a lovely hotel.

The Crowne Plaza in Marlow had a full refurbishment in pine with our wonderful new benches, which I am sure you will agree looks fabulous!

They also had an existing freestanding stove, which we replaced with a behind bench heater, as well as installing a new controller to keep everything up to date.

From date of order, we were on site within 2 weeks and the whole thing was completed in a day. On site at 7am and leaving by 4pm.

May has also seen the start of our rebranding with our great new logo, showing that we are involved in both saunas and steam rooms. We’re very pleased with the result and think it represents us brilliantly.


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