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We also carried out a sauna refurbishment at Thistle St Albans.

Staying in the hotel the night before was a great help, and we were on site by 7am

We replaced all of the sauna internals, window architrave etc. We also ensured that there was still access above the room following the refurbishment by boarding the centre panel separately. A must here as there is no other access above the sauna or steam room!

We also replaced the faulty lights with 5 red LEDs, which look amazing!

Once again, our 3 lads were off site before 4pm.

To quote the Leisure Club Manager: “I am very happy with the quick and efficient service your team provided, from the start of enquiry to the completion of the sauna I had no problems or concerns. The contractors were friendly and cleaned up after themselves.”

Originally a Reefgrove sauna in around 2006, it has stood up well to the test of time. A testament to good on-site management and cleaning routines.