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After months of hard planning, we are pleased to announce that we no longer have any waste!

Our timber waste from the workshop is now ground down in order to be made into briquettes. We have always tried to ensure minimal waste, ensuring that our standard sauna heights and bench sizes produce very small offcuts.

Once ground down, we are able to put all sawdust and the chips through a briquetting press, which compresses the chips into small cylinders, using compression alone (no glue), so that they are very environmentally friendly.

These briquettes can then be used in wood burning stoves, chimeneas etc.

The pelleter and briquetting machine were supplied by International Woodworking Machines.

We are also soon to be introducing a range of barrel saunas with wood burning stoves, with which we shall provide the briquettes.

All of the saunas we take out, or components we remove during refurbishment are also ground down, and old stoves are recycled, along with any other metal waste from the workshop.

We have also changed our bin provider to a “zero waste to landfill” company, which means that alongside the briquetting machine, we are reducing our carbon footprint dramatically.

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